How do I refill my Nectar Tank?

From the bottom & avoid the airtube. Click here to watch a short video!

How do I know when its time to recharge the battery?

The Nectar Craft battery is voltage regulated, and will output a consistent amount of power (and therefore heat) until it is ready to be recharged.  Once dead and ready to be recharged, the battery will blink repeatedly when a cart is one and you press the button to let you know.  At this point it will take around an hour to charge with you USB charger.

How do I clean my battery, charger, or cartridge?

To maintain your pen, clean the contacts of the cartridge, battery, and chargers with hard alcohol or rubbing alcohol a qtip.  Let it dry, and repeat.  Do this if your pen ever gets sticky, dusty, pocket lint, etc.

 What can I do to take care of my tank & pen?

The Nectar Tank is glass, not plastic, so treat it with care. Don't leave it in hot cars or extreme weather. Don't leave it in a pocket and sit on it, etc.  You know, treat it with love and it will fine. For long term storage - leave the pen on its side in a temperate environment.